Video Interview: Pasteur Marcus Isaac in Philadelphia PA | Levanjiltv

Video Interview: Pasteur Marcus Isaac in Philadelphia PA

Video Interview: Pasteur Marcus Isaac in Philadelphia PA

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13 thoughts on “Video Interview: Pasteur Marcus Isaac in Philadelphia PA”

  1. lafortunemackenson says:


  2. Kabiru says:

    1. Will didn’t like charity bescuae he thought it was a problem because you have to mean things to help people. Obviously he was not the kind of people that help other people, he really didn’t care about anything or anybody.2. Marcus have been following Will to see if he had a kid. He went to Will’s house because he didn’t belive Will had a child.That his mom is bittersweet and that he thinks she would like a boyfriend and that boyfriend should be Will.

  3. Salam says:

    1) Charity meant that someone has to mean thnigs to help people. Not as him, because he didn’t meant thing, so he couldn’t do charity.2) Marcus went to Will’s house to confirm if he really had a son or if he was lying; Marcus already knew the answer because he had been watching him during the last few days. The suggestion Marcus has for Will, is that Will is lying to him, his mom and his mom’s friend, just to go out with her.

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