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Rosiny Deronette 40 Years of Trials and Testimonies in the Making

Brooklyn, NY (LEVANJILTV) – The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you. After 40 years of life and in ministry, Rosiny Deronette vows to preach the gospel to millions of souls around the world. On March 7th 2015 Mr. Deronette celebrated his 41st birthday in Brooklyn, New York among his families, friends, fans and colleagues in the Haitian gospel community. Despite a rough week due to inclement weather and several feet of snow, he launched a 4 day revival and closed with a mega concert to give glory to God and commemorate all the achievements he has succeeded in thus far. Through the brutal storm, Rosiny shoveled his door steps, swept the snow from his car and bundled up to make it to the Gospel Crusade Church in Utica Avenue where he hosted the ceremony. Many Christians were opposed to the idea of a birthday celebration. Rosiny, on the other hand, celebrates this day with a series of worship and praise.

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Rosiny Deronette has been ministering within his family band Les Freres Deronette since 1996. Their mother prayed that if God allowed all of them to come to the U.S they would praise Him through songs and hymns. God answered her prayer. When the entire family migrated to the United States from Haiti they made a lifetime commitment to show gratitude to the Lord and praise him through music. All twelve siblings along with their mother are now singing the glory of God. The band has recorded 8 albums with many great live videos and has traveled around the world. Rosiny alone has 2 albums of his own and two video clips. One of his videos received HGMA best video award of the year. He is not only a lead singer but also an evangelist and a pastor.

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The devil did not want this day to come to pass. In August 2002, Rosiny was falsely accused and arrested of rape the day before the family’s 3rd album release concert “Sa Fe La Penn.” Miraculously he was released on the same weekend, which is very much impossible in the American justice system. In addition, five years ago he was divorced and fought for custody of his two daughters, today his family is reunited and he is now living with his wife and daughters under the same roof in Long Island, New York. Rosiny has been through many other trials and tribulations. His first daughter Blessiny was kidnapped when she was only a baby in a stolen car after a concert in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was found unharmed later the same night. Rosiny also survived an attempted demonic death in Artibonite Haiti while on a missionary trip. In all these incidents he has prevailed without a scratch.

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For all that God has done for him, Rosiny Launched a four days worship and praise in NY with some of the best artists and ministers in the Haitian gospel community. He flew Pastor Remy Lochard all the way from Haiti to preach and lead the worship for the entire four days. Also well-known artist such as Brother Maxx and Tin Tin flew from Miami for the event. Other artist such as Claude Aurelien, Fritz Saget, Andrelle Joseph and many more also ministered at the concert. The legendary in the making and founder of Radio Essentiel Moise Dimanche hosted the ceremony. Also Well-known dignitaries such as Cerene Vertus of Miss Haiti Croix-des-Bouquest came to praise at the event.

Despite much criticism that Rosiny faced throughout his career, he remains on track and keeps God at the center of everything he does with constant worship and praise to God. Above all he has kept his faith. So talented he could have been singing in the secular world or quit the ministry all together but God has kept him for a much greater mission. Rosiny has became a well known Christian Artist around the world in many Haitian communities and also an inspiration to so many. The HGMI will always be grateful to have an artist such as Rosiny Deronette Praising the Lord.



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